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Your studio in the cloud

The next generation of stadium broadcast is here. Innovative programming and services that suit Your stadium and Your fans, whilst maximising commercial opportunitites.

Matchday Programming has evolved. Watch the video to find out how

Live Venue is a new standard in stadium content delivery.


No need for expensive studio and staffing at your venue – your content is managed centrally and delivered seamlessly over high speed fibre optic broadband networks.


Create, deliver, schedule and monitor - you choose the content and level of control required.


Derive maximum commercial value from your stadium rights with innovative promotional opportunities. Target fans throughout the matchday with integrated campaigns delivering touchpoints across multiple media throughout the stadium.

How does it work? The benefits for your stadium.

  • Studio in the Cloud

    • No need for large capital expenditure on expensive studio equipment that may only get used a few times a year
    • Deliver content from our state-of-the-art European Operations Centre via high speed fibre-optic broadband
    • Future proof solution – your equipment never goes out of date and never needs upgrading or servicing
    • No need to train or employ dedicated studio staff
  • Bespoke

    • Bespoke matchday programming NOT nationwide syndicated content
    • Bespoke channel branding and programming created by ADI’s in-house Production department
    • Choose your content and layout to suit the needs of YOUR stadium, YOUR fans and YOUR sponsors
  • Flexible

    • Your content, how you want it, when you want it
    • Choose from our wide range of powerful and customisable bolt-ons to revolutionise your programming
    • Change your channel when you want – you’re never restricted by what your studio allows
  • Collaborative

    • You can control elements of your programming via realtime browser-based consoles
    • Manage club promotional offers and sponsorship in realtime
    • Stream live rss and data feeds from multiple sources
    • Get social – see what others are saying with our live social media feed bolt-ons
  • Secure

    • Free 24/7 remote site monitoring as part of the package
    • We monitor your site via HD webcams as well as via sensors measuring electronic and environmental conditions within your screens
    • Many issues can be fixed remotely – shorter downtime and no need for call-out fees
  • Scalable

    • Suitable for one or many screen in one location, or many screens in many locations!
    • Live Venue can be scaled to suit your requirements
  • Value

    • Save on studio and capital expenditure costs
Camera-facing digiBOARD

Camera-facing digiBOARD

Crowd-facing digiBOARD

Crowd-facing digiBOARD

Scoreboards (with stats)

(with stats)

Stadium LED Screens

Stadium LED Screens

Concourse Screens

Concourse Screens

Hospitality Screens

Hospitality Screens





In Action at Everton

Throughout the 2011-12 season, Everton FC have used the Live Venue platform which has revolutionised the matchday coverage at Goodison Park.

Instead of a broadcast studio at their stadium, everything is controlled from the Live Venue studios at ADI’s European Operation Centre.


The club receive a full broadcast and production package from ADI, which includes a number of commercial elements – such as integrated on-screen advertising packages – as well as elements to enhance the matchday experience – such as full matchday programming, scoreboards and latest match stats.

Prior to each match, ADI work closely with Everton to create programming for the matchday show which is played out prior to kick off to entertain fans that arrive early at the stadium.

Hospitality Areas

Different programming is played out to the screens in the stadium’s hospitality areas where thousands of fans arrive in the hours before the match to eat and drink with their friends and soak up the matchday atmosphere.

Concourse screens

Meanwhile, the screens in the concourse area play out a different playlist. These screens are in portrait format, helping to maximise the promotional space for the club and its commercial partners.

Prior to the match, a specially produced programme is played out with highlights, interviews and club news, designed to draw fans to the stadium early. At halftime, the screens show highlights from the first half along with information such as scores from around the country.

Everton are able to control an area of the screen for club promotions using a powerful yet simple browser-based drag-and-drop control panel.

Stadium Screens

ADI’s giant LED screens are a major focal point in the stadium. As well as pre-match and halftime bespoke programming and promotional advertising, the screens play every moment of the match along with important replays.

The screens have been designed especially to incorporate scoreboards at the top and an additional promotional banner space at the bottom, which Everton control themselves.


The scoreboards integrated into the screens feature a number of powerful elements, controlled by a powerful yet simple to use software system. This allows for not only standard elements, but also teamsheets, substitutions and also goal animations.

Unique to Live Venue, the scoreboards also feature live match stats, which can either be updated manually or fed automatically via xml datafeed from Opta’s live stats.

Club Control / Monitoring

The club control various elements of the stadium broadcast – including the scoreboards which are run via a browser-based control panel which enables instant updates.

They are able to communicate with the Live Venue studio whenever they need to via dedicated communications links, plus they are also able to see what’s going out on any screen area throughout the stadium.

Meanwhile, from the Live Venue studio, ADI are able to monitor content via various security cameras throughout the stadium.

Bolt-ons. For Increased Flexibility.

Live Venue is all about flexibility - we can build your programming to suit Your stadium and Your fans.

We’ve split up our Bolt-ons into different sections – simply choose the ones that match what you want to do. We can also build custom solutions should you have any special requirements that aren’t met.


  • Pre match programming
  • Half time highlights
  • Pre-match pitchside cam
  • Match event animations (eg. Goal)


  • Stats package (realtime stats from Opta)
  • RSS news feeds
  • Google maps (live data)
  • Video in video
  • Animated overlay logos – bugs

Scoreboard Management

  • Scoreboard plug-in (browser-based scoreboard management)
  • Teamsheets (these can playout either on screen or scoreboard and can be managed by club)
  • Subs management
  • Scoreboard stats (match event stats – from Opta or added in by Club)

Content Management

  • Advertising playlist management (browser based)
  • Temperature based playlist (uses data from rss weather feed to determine local temp and run appropriate playlist)
  • Gender based playlist (cameras can recognise predominant gender of customers and target adverts accordingly)
  • Stock based advertising (based on live feed from database)
  • Time Based advertising / playlists
  • Playout report


  • Twitter / social media feeds
  • Interactivity Games
  • Text to screen
  • Text Vote with real time graphs


  • Programming and playback monitoring
  • HD Webcam
  • Remote Access and deployments

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